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    Initial credits
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    How was your first experience in Guatemala?
    • Severe protein-calorie malnutrition in children
    • Experience in Quetzaltenango
    • Plan de Xelajú
    • Collaboration at Hospital Roosevelt
    • Impact on young students
    • Professional achievements
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    Can you explain what your role was during the 1976 earthquake in Guatemala?
  • 07:33    |    
    What types of supplies were sent to Guatemala from the United States after the earthquake?
  • 08:16    |    
    Do you have any advice for medical school students?
  • Personal willingness to have direct contact with the patient
  • 09:50    |    
    During the past years, have you had any type of contact with students or professors from Universidad Francisco Marroquín?
  • 11:19    |    
    In your professional life, have you ever had a very difficult case worth mentioning?
    • Case of chronic diarrhea
      • Heinrich Finkelstein's protein milk
      • Total intravenous nutrition
    • Infant genetic defect to digest sucrose
  • 15:22    |    
    When did you feel like you did a great work in a professional sense?
    • Digestion of starch in infants
    • Discovery that breast milk aid on the process of starch digestion in infants
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Buford L. Nichols, Jr.: A Friend of Pediatrics in Guatemala

New Media  | 24 de octubre de 2012  | Vistas: 49

Luis Figueroa interviews Buford L. Nichols regarding his lifelong relationship with Guatemala. Nichols speaks about the origin of his collaboration, especially to the advancement of medical pediatric protocols and investigations focused on digestive issues. He talks about some of the most challenging cases he had to deal with, and gives some inspiring words of advice to students that are actually going through medical school. Finally, he speaks about some of the most important discoveries related to the effects of breast milk in the digestive process of infants.





Buford L. Nichols, Jr. is professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College…


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