• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 26.1    |    
  • 01:1.5    |    
    Opinion about environmental movement
    • Transition from socialism to environmentalism
    • Quotation, n From Red to Green - Imprimis, Hillsdale College
    • Environmentalism as a new kind of collectivism
      • Property rights abolition idea
      • Parallels between the movements
      • Quotation, n Homage to Catalonia - introduction by Lionel Trilling
    • Extreme environmentalism
    • Control of local political structures
  • 07:22    |    
    Reasons for writing about mining
  • Economic structure of Latin America
  • 08:51    |    
    Effects of mining in Sipacapa
    • Economic and social situation of Sipacapa
    • Visit to Padre Roberto
      • Background
      • Personal inconsistencies
      • Effect of Padre Roberto's authority on town
      • Threats to Sipacapa people
    • Bishop's opinion about the mine
    • Gold mining company responsibility
    • Mining opportunities in Guatemala
    • Antidevelopment and antihuman environmentalism
    • Moral hypocrisy of environmentalism
  • 22:10    |    
    Questions and comments period
    • Why do extreme environmentalists have a hypocritical attitude with regard to the social development?
    • What communication strategies did the investors used to inform local people?
    • Do you think there would be a change in people's mind toward mining if it proves to bring social benefits and development without contamination?
    • Why do not the mining industry reach out for government allies instead of trying to buy people?
    • Commentary about the role of environmentalists in protecting the interests of local people
    • Why does mining have to be a topic of the public domain?
    • Commentary about the importance of civil society on mining debate
      • Deals between the ministry and the mining company
      • Polarization of the country
    • What is your opinion about non-governmental organizations (NGO)?
    • Commentary about the social benefits and technological development of the mine
    • What was the Bishop's attitude toward Padre Roberto?
    • Why did Padre Roberto forget about being a priest?
    • Commentary about the importance of giving concrete proposals about mining development in Guatemala
    • Commentary about drug dealers interests for opposing to mining development
    • Commentary about the consideration of multiculturality and democracy of a country in the mining process
  • 59:26    |    
    Final words
    • Criticism of the multisectorial debate
    • True reasons for the objection to mining
  • 01:01:12    |    
    Final credits

Debate on mining in Guatemala

New Media  | 04 de noviembre de 2006  | Vistas: 184

Mary O'Grady gives a summary about her mining experience in Guatemala and her opinion about the environmental movement that, she considers, is replacing the socialism and becoming a new kind of collectivism.  In Sipacapa, a poor town in San Marcos, the ideas of some groups of interest have been trying to stop the mining process and have even used violence to prevent local people from working in the mine.  Extreme environmentalism is opposed to development, which is important for the construction of a society of free and responsible persons.


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