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    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introduction by Luis Figueroa
  • 00:14    |    
    How do foreign interventions, especially political, relate to economics?
    • Praxeological method for understanding foreign intervention
    • Example of the United States' intervention in Irak and Afghanistan
  • 02:19    |    
    How does the intervenor determine the appropriate people to substitute?
  • Negative unintended consequences in interventions
  • 04:20    |    
    In terms of the war on drugs, what has been learned about intervention?
  • 05:50    |    
    Are there any conditions in which foreign intervention has guaranteed success?
    • Unique cases of intervention in Japan and Germany after World War II
    • Example of earthquake comparative reconstruction between Japan and Haiti
  • 08:21    |    
    If students approach you and ask where they could learn more about foreign intervention, what literature would you recommend?
    • Quotes n , Christopher Coyne
    • Works of Peter Thomas Bauer on foreign intervention
    • Quotes
    • Quotes n , William Easterly
  • 09:10    |    
    Final words
  • 09:15    |    
    Final credits

How is Foreign Intervention Related to Economics?

New Media  | 13 de junio de 2011  | Vistas: 89

Luis Figueroa has a conversation with Christopher Coyne regarding foreign intervention and its implications in economic development. Coyne comments on how these interventions tend to affect a country's social, economic, and political system. He describes several of the unintended consequences that come as a result of such actions. Finally, Coyne gives advice to students regarding useful resources at their disposal, in order to have a full understanding of this situation, which is taking place around the world.


Christopher Coyne is the F.A. Harper Professor of Economics at the…


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