Equatorial Guinea: An Example of How Corruption Can Destroy a Nation

New Media  | 03 de marzo de 2016  | Vistas: 665

Is corruption like a fungus, that comes back even when you try to get rid of it? Tutu Alicante considers this is not necessarily the case, but in Equatorial Guinea, corruption is a perfect example of how this problem can destroy a nation. He talks about how most people live with less than a dollar a day and the the need to fight impunity and apply the rule of law.

When I look at young people at Equatorial Guinea, and the things we were able to do right now, I cannot get discouraged.”

Later he discusses the role of colonialism and dictatorships in Equatorial Guinea in the development of corruption in this country and the way we can change this situation through awareness. Alicante also comments on the meaning of justice under this context and says:

Justice means having all citizens in that country having access to allocation, to health care, to housing.”

Finally, he talks about the way people can get involved in fighting corruption and reflects about the importance of building strong relationships with organizations that fight for the same purpose and building solidarity within countries. 

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Tutu Alicante es el director ejecutivo de EG Justice, la primera…