Foundations of Capitalism: Heroes of Capitalism

20 de junio de 2015   | Vistas: 13 |  

During his talk, Andrew Bernstein explained how capitalism improved the human living condition since the Industrial Revolution onwards to the present day. He used the example of what he called "the leading heroes of capitalism".Beginning with the ideas of John Locke and Isaac Newton, he explains that life belongs to each of us and the power of human mind. Then, he talked about the role of James Watt, John Loudon Mc Adam and Thomas Telford in the industrial revolution and its technological advances. He used the history of United States as an example of a free country in its development. He also mentions other heroes of capitalism, like Ayn Rand.During history, the leading minds applied lessons they have learned and have morally rejected the authoritarian epistemological model. At the end, their numerous contributions have changed the world.


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