Go Beyond GDP: A Triumph in Supply-Side Austrian Economics

New Media  | 26 de marzo de 2015  | Vistas: 21

Mark Skousen explains the structure of production in a free-market economy, exponding both microeconomic and macroeconomic model. He shares his opinion about Gross Domestic Product current statistic and its impact and how economic activity is analysed and discussed. Also, he shows the results of his work on economic data and introduces a new macroeconomic variable that gives a new perspective on the total output in a determined period of time of national economies. Skousen mentions the influence and ideas of Friedrich A. Hayek and Carl Menger, as well as the concepts they coined. At the end, he recommends the books The structure of production and Economic logic in order to know about the topic.


Mark Skousen is an economist, who has taught economics and finance…


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