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Presentation of Honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences to Lawrence H. White
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Lawrence H. White's address
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Words of congratulations to graduates
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Current economic situation
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Keynesian economics
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Final words
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Honorary Doctoral Degree Awarded at November 2011 Commencement

12 de noviembre de 2011   | Vistas: 31 |   Austrian School Of Economics Economy Keynesian Economics

Lawrence H. White received an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Social Sciences from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, in recognition of his important participation on teaching economics and constant intellectual defense of freedom. Finally, he congratulated graduate students and urged them to go forward and spread the doctrines of liberty learned from this institution, which is for him the most important institution for economic education in Latin America.

Lawrence H. White is an expert in banking and monetary policy. He is professor of economics at George Mason University…


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