Innovation, Why Bother?

08 de agosto de 2013   | Vistas: 2675 |   Culture Economy Education Innovation

Arnoud De Meyer elaborates on the topic of innovation. He defines the term and its components, and comments on the significance it has in an economy. In his opinion, an economy's growth and wealth are natural consequences of innovation, hence its importance. It is his belief that innovative management techniques and tools may be taught, however a regular practice is needed to obtain the advantage of knowledge and experience to tilt innovators’ odds of success.

When addressing the cultural stereotypes of countries that enable or hinder innovation, he gives encouragement to pursue a challenging attitude and stimulate change to overcome paradigms of limitations. De Meyer mentions actions that emerging countries have carried out to effectively and eventually innovate, such as massive investment in education, science, technology, and research, finding out and understanding the consumer’s needs, and promoting the defense of intellectual property.

He concludes with the advice for educational systems to teach students how to learn for them to take the learning journey in their own hands.


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