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    Initial credits
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  • 01:11    |    
    Quote, n David Hume
  • 03:51    |    
    David Hume's explanation about secondary qualities: "object" and "subject"
  • 06:07    |    
    Variation between right and wrong according to ethics
  • Examples of cultural pluralism
  • 08:05    |    
    Different ways to measure secondary qualities
  • 08:40    |    
    Evolutionary psychology and its application to ethics
    • Problems of cultural variation
    • Power of culture over human brain
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    Final credits

David Hume’s arguments surrounding the good, primary and secondary qualities

New Media  | 25 de septiembre de 2012  | Vistas: 99

In this video Richard Kamber comments on David Hume’s book, "A Treatise of Human Nature", current research in evolutionary psychology and ethics. Kamber points out the idea of understanding ethics, how we see the right and wrong and how this is related to us, to our nature and our feelings, the interaction between subject and object according to our experience. He also illustrates how evolutionary psychology and its application to ethics have a greater variation between vicious and virtue according to the power of culture over human brain.


Richard Kamber is founding member of the Advisory Board of the…