The Man Behind Poland’s Remarkable Economic Recovery

New Media  | 05 de noviembre de 2015  | Vistas: 166

Professor Leszek Balcerowicz, known for implementing a shock therapy known as the “Balcerowicz Plan” in the 1990’s to radically stabilize and transform Poland’s economy since the fall of communism, talks about his experience working on these reforms and the importance of this transition as well as the difficulties encountered. He also shares his thoughts about the importance of defending economic freedom and explains the three main components of the program as he gives his perspective on the future of Europe and the Euro.

 Balcerowicz also reflects on the role of society to press the politicians to make reforms; additionally, he gives wise recommendations for developing countries who want to grow their economy, in which he mentions the need of learning from other countries mistakes and says:

It is not enough to write a beautiful constitution”


Leszek Balcerowicz is former head of Poland's central bank and architect…

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