Team-Based Learning: An Effective Educational Approach

New Media  | 10 de octubre de 2016  | Vistas: 499

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a specific type of collaborative learning where the students work in permanent groups to solve complex problems with the help of a unique instructional sequence where faculty members plan the entire activities based on what they want their students to know how to do by the end of the semester.

Julie Estis shares her experience as the director of Team USA Quality Enhancement Plan, where she felt the need to change the way we teach for students to have more meaningful learning through this educational approach. She details the key factors of this method and the results she has had.

I started using Team-Based Learning in all of those classes and had great success with it. I saw the students really engaging with the material, thinking about it in deep ways using critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and it would give them realistic clinical scenarios that they have to solve."

Finally, Estis discusses the main challenges and benefits of Team-Based Learning, both for students and teachers and some of her favorite and meaningful learning experiences.

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Director, Quality Enhancement Plan, University of South Alabama