00:00    |    
Initial credits
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02:56    |    
Focus groups
04:24    |    
Economic Value Added (EVA) implementation in Europe
07:15    |    
EVA changes
Balance sheets
09:13    |    
Personal story
Basic accounting
12:57    |    
13:57    |    
Out of sight, out of mind
14:41    |    
Partners in the creation of value
18:30    |    
Role of the Chief Executive Officer
20:03    |    
Salesforce incentives
20:28    |    
Diagram 1
24:49    |    
Diagram 2
27:11    |    
Category 3: investments
28:48    |    
EVA formula
31:46    |    
Employee capitalism
32:54    |    
Personal story
Efficiency maximization
Offense salesforce
41:40    |    
EVA decisions
Grow the business
Improve performance
Quotes  The EVA Challenge, Joel M. Stern
John Shiely's experience
EVA implementation
Harvest losers
50:37    |    
Incentive contracting
51:09    |    
Simple calculation
Significant payments
55:23    |    
No caps
Bonus bank
Free rider problem
01:01:29    |    
Budget negotiation
Budget issues
01:06:44    |    
Financial control
01:08:03    |    
Fixed and variable pay
01:10:50    |    
Value creation techniques
01:12:36    |    
EVA system
Possible difficulties
Program mistakes
Negative personal results
Staff support
01:27:04    |    
Negative aspects of EVA
01:29:55    |    
Successful cases of EVA
01:31:52    |    
Question and answer period
How do you estimate and distribute EVA among the employees?
80/20 rule
Do you take into account NAB in the final balance sheet?
Do you include human capital as an intangible asset?
How do you manage the constant change in the benchmark due to variations in the capital structure?
Would this become a retention bonus?
How do you manage to keep productive the research and development departments?
How do you maintain a sustained growth in the bonuses?
EVA ratios
Team incentives
Motivation and moral
What do you do after you harvest something?
01:52:51    |    
Final words
01:54:00    |    
Final credits




Incentive Plans Based on Economic Value Added (EVA)

17 de octubre de 2011   | Vistas: 96 |   Capitalism Economic Value Added (eva) Economy Entrepreneurship

Spreadsheets and balances contain important information for decision makers, which is useful for planning and determining certain aspects, crucial to a venture; nonetheless, these layouts may not include the data that is actually relevant for them. Joel M. Stern speaks about this hidden aspect of company measurements and explains how they can affect a corporation's productiveness, if not thoroughly examined. Stern focuses on the workforce and describes how a correct incentive plan, based on Economic Value Added (EVA), can maximize profit and productiveness in numerous ways. He mentions several relevant cases in which he has applied this methodology and encourages the implementation of this functional tool in every single aspect of a business plan.

Joel M. Stern is the creator and developer of Economic Value Added (EVA), Chairman and CEO of Stern Stewart &…


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