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    Opening credits
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    How is the Economic Freedom of the World Index related to the prosperity of a country?
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    Does the index have policy implications?
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    Is the institutional framework within a country important?
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    What has been your contribution to public choice research projects?
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    What relevancy does entrepreneurship have in the market process?
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    How can we dispel the myth that entrepreneurs are greedy and the government is the one that solves the economic problems in an society?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Interview with James D. Gwartney by Carroll Ríos de Rodríguez

New Media  | 03 de mayo de 2008  | Vistas: 1881

James D. Gwartney is the Director of the Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education at Florida State University. In a conversation with Carroll Ríos de Rodríguez, he discusses the Economic Freedom of the World, an annual survey published by the Fraser Institute. According to Gwartney, the index is a measurement of the consistency of institutions and policies across different countries with the ideal of a market economy. Gwartney also emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship in the growth process and how a country’s institutional framework, especially legal institutions, affect development.


James D. Gwartney is professor of economics and director of the…