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    Initial credits
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    Introduction by Luis Figueroa
  • 00:13    |    
    Why did you decide to found Medi.Rev and HiveBio?
  • 04:14    |    
    Learning biotechnology alone
  • 06:00    |    
    Looking for connections
  • 07:03    |    
    Idea for building a biohacker space
    • Genspace, n BioCurious and n Bosslab
    • Contacting Ellen D. Jorgensen, Genspace
  • 08:18.5    |    
    HiveBio organization
  • 09:28    |    
    A biohacker space
  • 11:30    |    
    Thiel fellowship
  • 13:34    |    
  • 15:48    |    
    Do you consider yourself extraordinary? Do you think extraordinary people must receive a different kind of education?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Building HiveBio and Medi.Rev

New Media  | 02 de octubre de 2013  | Vistas: 60

Katriona Guthrie-Honea tells the story of her involvement in science, beginning in her early teens with what became a winning biotechnology project. Nevertheless, her accomplishments in the field, she was not entirely satisfied with what was ahead of her, as she yearned for research and experimentation opportunities and space, calling upon many people and organizations for a chance to perform her own “trial and error”, but was left with a sense of lost time. The absence of a proper room to perform her trials, drove her to be hands on and to found HiveBio, as well as her motivation to innovate led her to establish Medi.Rev.

She explains that HiveBio, a biology laboratory located in Seattle, Washington, resembles a gym, since it´s a place where a membership is paid and in return a laboratory space is provided, along with the use of material, equipment, assessment, and the experience to share with other community members the ideas and experiments that may not be as easily done elsewhere, in terms of biotechnology.

In regards to her business Medi.Rev, the goal is to diagnose any pathogenic disease in a matter of seconds, from a minimally invasive patient sample. This tool is intended to transform the world of medicine and benefit users in many ways. She concludes by expressing her opinion on the different kinds of learning needs and abilities of individuals, as she believes that the way to teach academics cannot be the same for all, due to the varied capabilities and interests of those receiving the education.


Katriona Guthrie-Honea is a self-taught molecular biologist and biotechnologist. She won…