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    Initial credits
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    Introduction by Carolina Santos
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    Can you talk about your experience in the Antigua Forum 2015?
  • 01:16    |    
    How has your experience been as a libertarian politician? What are the main obstacles for these ideas?
  • 03:34    |    
    What are charter schools? How is your New Zealand project on charter schools going?
  • 05:51    |    
    How is the general population accepting charter schools?
  • 06:45    |    
    What do you take from UFM and Antigua Forum back to New Zealand?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Free Trade, Democracy and Education in New Zealand

New Media  | 19 de enero de 2015  | Vistas: 15

David Seymour talks about his experience during the Antigua Forum event held at Antigua Guatemala, in which professionals from around the world who share similar beliefs can reinforce each other on freedom and public policy ideas.

He explains what his experience has been as a libertarian politician in New Zealand and the obstacles he has dealt with, although he is an optimistic, as nowadays free trade, democracy and freedom in general have been more accepted across the world. Seymour also comments on the work that should be done to continue achieving liberty and talks about the challenges they have in New Zealand to improve the regulatory culture; as well he mentions his project on charter schools and how opening the educational offer through partnership schools oriented to entrepreneurial education have benefited students and the quality of education.


Member of Parliament representing the Epsom electorate, including parts of Auckland…