• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:20    |    
    Introduction by Carlisle Johnson
  • 01:55    |    
    Towards what type of audience is your book directed?
  • 03:09    |    
    Margaret Thatcher's relationship with Ronald Reagan
  • Did their relationship endure?
  • 06:07    |    
    Falkland Islands situation
  • 07:16    |    
    To what extent was Lady Thatcher pivotal to English history?
  • 09:11    |    
    What did she do to restore order in her country?
  • 11:44    |    
    Where did she obtain her philosophical ideas?
  • 13:54    |    
    When was your book published?
  • 15:00    |    
    Who is Lady Thatcher's successor philosophically?
  • 16:44    |    
    Do you think that free market ideas have been disqualified due to recent economic events?
  • 18:34    |    
    Contemporary migration to England
  • 21:02    |    
    BBC situation
  • 21:29    |    
    When did Lady Thatcher receive her "Iron Lady" tag?
  • 23:42    |    
    What literary projects do you have currently?
  • 27:19    |    
    How far forward do you go in history in regards to influential people related to Lady Thatcher?
  • Great women in history
  • 31:38    |    
    Does your book have a title yet?
  • 33:19    |    
    Where do you get material for you books?
  • Abolitionist women in the United States
  • 37:02    |    
    Female political participation in the twentieth century
  • The Grimké sisters
  • 41:40    |    
    John Blundell's contact information
  • 42:41    |    
    Final words
  • 43:20    |    
    Final credits

Margaret Thatcher: A Conversation about the Iron Lady

New Media  | 05 de noviembre de 2010  | Vistas: 19

Carlisle Johnson interviews John Blundell and they discuss Margaret Thatcher's life and work. Blundell explains how he has taken interest in women who, through history, have been influential and describes what has motivated him to write about the Iron Lady. On the account of his recent book, he describes interesting facts about her life and her overall way of acting. He tells how she was brought up and what philosophical ideas led her to be one of the most important women in history. He comments on the important actions she took when she became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, in order to save her country from the prevailing chaos. Finally, Blundell announces his future literary work about influential women in modern history.


John Blundell (1952-2014) was Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Institute of…


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