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    Initial credits
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    How did you discover opera?
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    Do you remember what you sang when you were young?
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    How did you discover that you were a good singer?
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    Can someone not be passionate about opera?
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    What is your advice for opera beginners?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Interview with Monica Yunus by Luis Figueroa

New Media  | 03 de septiembre de 2008  | Vistas: 1728

About this video

Monica Yunus is a soprano with the Metropolitan Opera in New York. In this interview, hosted by Luis Figueroa, she talks about her artistic career and how she got her start in opera. Yunus discusses the richness and complexity of opera which involves many other art forms besides singing to express passion, romance, and tragedy. Finally, she offers advice and recommendations for those interested in increasing their understanding of opera.


Interview with Monica Yunus by Luis Figueroa
Monica Yunus

Guatemala City
Guatemala, September 3, 2008

A New Media - UFM production. Guatemala, september 2008
Photography: Gustavo Castillo; audio: Jorge Samayoa, Manuel Alvarez; digital editing: Sergio Miranda; index and synopsis: Carlos Barreno; content revisers: Daphne Ortiz, Jennifer Keller; publication: Mario Pivaral / Carlos Petz


Monica Yunus is a soprano with the Metropolitan Opera in New…


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