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Initial credits
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Introduction by Ricardo Castillo
02:44    |    
James B. Rogers
03:03    |    
Real life and the university
04:22    |    
Leaving Guatemala to understand the world
05:17    |    
Learning about Guatemala
06:07    |    
Finding one's passion
07:12    |    
Successful people do what they love
08:17    |    
Having goals
09:14    |    
Example of passion
10:48    |    
Closing statements
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Final credits




James B. Rogers’ Speech during the Ceremony for Honor Graduates (May 2016)

06 de mayo de 2016   | Vistas: 11 |  

World wide traveler and entrepreneur, James Rogers talks about the different experiences in his life and how important it is to develop your own passion. He expounds that successful people do what they love, and there is where goals develop to create independent and fulfilled professionals.


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