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    Initial credits
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    Introduction of Magatte Wade by Susette España
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    How has your entrepreneurial journey been?
    • Education
    • Experiences
    • Silicon Valley experience
  • 08:24    |    
    How do you build companies from scratch in countries without infrastructure?
    • Creation of jobs
    • Culture
    • Branding
  • 13:45    |    
    Can you tell us about the hibiscus business?
  • 16:05    |    
    Which are your top three advices for people who want to become entrepreneurs in countries where there is no entrepreneurship?
    • Criticize by creating
    • Attitude
    • Courage
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Magatte Wade: Experiences of a Senegalese Entrepreneur

New Media  | 04 de julio de 2011  | Vistas: 210

Magatte Wade shares her entrepreneurial journey and her life experiences. She was born in Senegal and educated in Germany and France. She points out the importance of having the correct attitude towards life and it's challenges. Wade gives advice for people who want to become entrepreneurs in places where entrepreneurship is not part of the culture: they must do something to change their reality, they must be courageous and focus on the potential of their surroundings in order to find and benefit from new opportunities.