• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introduction by David Reiley
  • 00:26    |    
    Importance of field experiments
  • Measurement of advertising effectiveness
  • 01:08    |    
    Measurement of the effect of prices in retail business
  • 03:14    |    
    Search advertising experiment
    • Search result page design
      • Organic search results
      • North ads
      • East ads
    • Advertisement positioning by bidding
    • North advertisement exclusion
    • Advertisement performance related to other ads
    • Advertisement performance related to the number of ads present
    • Advertiser's preferences when advertising
    • Main reasons for performing the experiment
    • Estimation of click externalities by experimentation
    • Search-query-level random assignment
    • Experimental population
    • Positive externalities due to the increase in ads
    • Second trial of the experiment
    • Results in the clickthrough rate in south and east ads
    • Benefits from increasing the north ads
    • Results in the organic advertisements
    • Overall results in a significant increase in ads
  • 20:48    |    
    Reasons for the positive externalities in the experiment results
    • Comparative search behavior
    • Displacement of the organic listings
  • 23:11    |    
    Indicators of advertisement relevance for users
  • 23:58    |    
    Variation in the number of clicks per search during the experiment
  • 25:03    |    
    Influence of the increase of north ads in the search and click rates
  • 26:00    |    
    Data consistency with the hypothesized results
  • Differences in the results depending on the screen monitor size
  • 28:53    |    
    Significant increase in the clickthrough rate
  • 29:32    |    
    Experiment conclusions
  • 31:09    |    
    Question and answer period
    • What type of queries receive ads and which don't?
    • What do you think is the main difference between the Yahoo! and the Google search engine?
    • What mechanisms are used for bidding for the advertisement place?
    • Do you think that a company's prestige may affect the impact on advertising themselves rather than their positioning?
    • Is there any way of measuring how many people actually purchased when they visited the site?
    • Does Yahoo! plan to create a program such as Google Maps or Google Earth?
  • 46:27    |    
    Final words
  • 46:34    |    
    Final credits

Northern Exposure: A Field Experiment Measuring Externalities between Search Advertisements

New Media  | 18 de marzo de 2011  | Vistas: 60

David Reiley speaks about field experiments in search engines related to the externalities that advertisements may have among them. His main focus is to show how customers react when they are presented with a wide range of ads, listed together in the same query. Reiley explains the different methods by which companies place their advertisement on the web, and describes the main objectives they seek when doing so. He also explains the process and techniques advertising companies use to maximize the impact on their users. He shows revealing conclusions about this experiment, and finally, comments on the results he obtained from this scientific approach on technological marketing and sales.


David Reiley is pioneer in the use of field experiments in…