Secrets of Success and Failure of Asian Economies: China, India and Japan

03 de octubre de 2012   | Vistas: 50 |  

Current global economic status have forced nations to compete more fiercely against each other, but especially against most recent powers such as China, India and Japan. Christopher Lingle provides a comparative analysis of these three countries’ economy by explaining the strategies that led them to influential positions. He also discusses their economic laws, the influence of growth due to exports, demography, physical and institutional infrastructure, among other elements.

Sustainability and feasibility of their own particular systems are put to test in his inquiry, given the fact that they posses different intrinsic factors such as history, society and political system, which, in many ways, could prevent them from overtaking the global financial and economic system.

Finally, Lingle provides pragmatic solutions to several of the problems they are facing and predicts their productive outcome in the midst of a crucial turning point for them.


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