00:00    |    
Initial credits
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00:48    |    
Individual pursuit of good lives
Quotes Aristotle
Quotes Adam Smith
03:31    |    
Basic operative definitions
Public good
Importance of trust in a society
07:31    |    
Introduction to William Shakespeare's play, King Lear
Characters in the first scene
Quotes Aristotle
Quotes The New Testament
Impact of daily life decisions
10:22    |    
Play, El Rey Lear, William Shakespeare
20:19    |    
Analysis of the play
Quotes Adam Smith
20:44    |    
King Lear
Failure to himself and his family
Public consequences of private decisions
26:44    |    
Regan and Goneril's interest and motivations in the play
29:32    |    
Goneril's speech to her father
Reaction to her sisters' decisions
Interest in self-knowledge
Decisions in her life
Decency in her character
Relationship with her father
39:53    |    
Relationship between the characters in the play and real life
40:18    |    
King Lear -- an ignorant fool --
William Shakespeare's appeal to supernatural powers related to individual decisions
43:01    |    
Cordelia, the decent one
44:11    |    
Options in human life
46:13    |    
Public consequences of private actions and decisions
47:59    |    
Question and answer period
Why do you think Cordelia is not happy with the decision she has made?
Cordelia's reaction to her father's actions
50:42    |    
Final words
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Final credits




Self-Interest and the Public Good: The Political Value of Decency

22 de marzo de 2011   | Vistas: 9 |   Ethics Freedom Ideas Justice

The political arena has great impact in our societies due to the relevance of the matters and decisions made.  Preston Jones explains this relationship through William Shakespeare's play, King Lear.  Jones describes how self-interest and the public good face each other with the role that decency has in these two elements.  He explains how the characters in this work of art represent real life situations in which people decide what roads to follow and that consequently, influence the way others perceive them.  Finally, Jones focuses on the importance of values in every person's life and stresses on the impact they have in our daily interactions.

Preston Jones is associate professor of history and he was previously head of the History Department at John Brown University.…


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