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Initial credits
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Presentation of Honorary Doctoral Degree in Science to Buford L. Nichols, Jr.
01:20    |    
Reading and presentation of diplomas
04:14    |    
Buford L. Nichols, Jr.'s address
04:20    |    
Words of gratitude for Guatemalan friends
05:22    |    
Plan de Xelajú
06:12    |    
Opportunity at Hospital Roosevelt
07:40    |    
Unit of Clinical Studies at Hospital Roosevelt
Study of children in the post-diarrheal state
Accomplishments of the unit
Serum osmolality measurement
Unit benefactors
Impact on students that participated in the project
Clinical lecturers
Clinical rounds
Fluid in the human gastrointestinal tract
14:47    |    
Unit crew
Jorge Tulio Rodríguez
Fernando Stein
Neri Flores
Alex Flores
Jorge Alvarado
18:32    |    
International impact of Plan de Xelajú
19:02    |    
Final words
19:34    |    
Greetings and congratulations from academics and friends
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Final credits




Honorary Doctoral Degree to Buford L. Nichols, Jr.

25 de octubre de 2012   | Vistas: 3 |  

Buford L. Nichols receives an honorary doctoral degree in science from Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He addressed a speech and thanked UFM for the recognition and friendship given to him along many years. He speaks about his early contributions to the implementation of feeding protocols now widely used in Guatemalan national hospitals. Nichols explains his interest in the impact of diarrhea in infants with malnutrition, and how this became his principal motivation of his medical experience in Guatemala. He relates the collaboration done with Hospital Roosevelt and describes the work done by a special unit of investigation that centered its resources on these matters. Nichols talks about the promising doctors he worked with during the project, which still have an important role in the medical world; and finally, he illustrates Plan de Xelajú and testifies on how this program benefited not only Guatemalan hospitals but international ones as well.




Buford L. Nichols, Jr. is professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and director emeritus of the Children's Nutrition…


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