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    Initial credits
  • 00:26    |    
  • 01:22    |    
    Environmental problems in developing countries
  • 02:08    |    
    Environmental problems in developed countries
  • 04:34    |    
    Environmental conservation by businesses
    • Air pollution
      • Industrialization
      • Local regulations
    • Recycling
      • Use of waste products
      • Aluminum cans
    • Efficiency in using raw materials
    • Response to customer's environmental demands
      • Restoration of water bodies
      • Change in attitude
  • 18:55    |    
    Benefits of a capitalistic business system
    • Correction of environmental mistakes
    • Dynamic solutions
  • 21:01    |    
    Consequences of an alliance between government and businesses
    • Nuclear power industries
    • Low sulfur coal regulations
  • 25:46    |    
  • 26:06    |    
    • Does a society need an environmental culture to control business pollution?
    • Conservation of salmon by American Indians
    • Where does business social responsibility begin and end when it comes to recuperating and recycling garbage?
    • Why has The United States refused to join the Kyoto Protocol?
    • Do you agree with the principle "polluter pays"?
    • Comment on the advantages of a recycling materials market
    • Would it be a good idea for companies to be responsible for any pollution that their products might cause in the remote future?
    • Is The U.S. running out of landfill space?
    • Can sustainable design of products solve environmental problems?
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    Final words
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    Final credits

Business and the Environment

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In free market system, business is a beneficial factor in protecting the environment. Competitive business respond to demands of customer and they have increased their social responsibility, environmental practices, and efficiency in use of raw materials. There are dangerous environmental consequences when a business allies with a government by means of regulations.


Jane Shaw is a Senior Fellow of PERC, Property and Environment…