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Initial credits
00:05    |    
Art exhibition setup
00:36    |    
Introduction by Gene Epstein
01:20    |    
Quotes Thomas Sowell
03:45    |    
Where were you born? Does your name have a special meaning?
04:51    |    
When did you discover that you wanted to become an artist?
Musical influence
07:51    |    
Nature of abstract art
09:05    |    
How long did you attend the Pratt Institute?
Professional mentorship
11:31    |    
Quotes  My Kid Could Paint That, Amir Bar-Lev
13:13    |    
In abstract painting, what is the difference between the work of a child and a mature artist?
16:55    |    
Paintings by Hisako Kobayashi
Gentle Strength
More Than One Solution
Thematic interrelation
27:00    |    
Framing art
30:37    |    
Art and economics
32:17    |    
Question and answer period
In what orientation where the paintings done?
How long does it take you to make these paintings? 
What is the creative process of your paintings?
Could you explain the relation between music and your art?
Do you have any Post-Romantic musical influences in your art?
Can you explain how you understand the concept of space in your paintings? 
Dimensional features
How could you explain your imagination in order for everyone to understand it?
Intercultural exposure
51:49    |    
Final words
52:05    |    
Art exhibition
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Final credits




Seeds in the Heart

15 de noviembre de 2011   | Vistas: 36 |  

Hisako Kobayashi provides an insightful explanation for several of the paintings she recently created. Using her three latest masterpieces, she shares the ideas and concepts that inspired her work. During the conference, she is accompanied by her husband, Gene Epstein, who contributes to the discussion by sharing additional information on the paintings, enriching the conversation with his own thoughts and opinions regarding her valuable work. Kobayashi also speaks about the lifelong process that brought her to become such a great artist, and finally, gives other important details about her art, the creative process she experienced, and the influential convictions she believes and stands for.

"Hisako Kobayashi started out with the idea of painting sound and expressing feelings equivalent to those expressed by music as…

Gene Epstein is Barron's economics editor and author of the column "Economic Beat". Previously, he was senior economist at the…


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