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Initial credits
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Introduction by Luis Figueroa
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Is The Examined Life, by John Kekes, a book about ethics?
01:27    |    
According to the seminar, what is a better life?
Importance of daily interactions and decisions
Overall benefits of living a wholesome life
06:24    |    
Should people sacrifice to society?
Traffic-hand phenomenon in Guatemala
Rightly understood self-interest 
10:07    |    
What are students' most common concerns?
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Final words
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Final credits




Self-Interest, Rationality and a Better Life

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Preston Jones shares his experience while teaching a seminar about The Examined Life, a book by John Kekes. He comments on the way the book guides readers to have a better life by applying self-examination techniques which lead to an improvement in different aspects: goals, values, relationships, and personal interests. He explains what the author means by having a better life and talks about the consequences that daily life actions and decisions have and how self-interest, rightly understood, benefits not only one person but, eventually, a whole society. He closes by referring to common concerns students have regarding the actions to take for their future.

Preston Jones is associate professor of history and he was previously head of the History Department at John Brown University.…


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