• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:28    |    
  • 01:34    |    
    What is your opinion regarding the book's plot?
  • 02:11    |    
    Do you think happiness can be achieved?
  • 03:51    |    
    What do you think Howard Roark's philosophy of life was?
  • 05:56    |    
    Have you ever felt you were in Howard Roark's position? What has helped you to be independent and unique?
  • 08:07    |    
    Has reviewing this book in group sessions helped you share your ideas and comments?
  • 09:56    |    
    Which ideas discussed in these group sessions have had an impact in your life?
  • 13:01    |    
    What is your favorite quote of the book?
  • 16:17    |    
    Would you recomend this book to other students? Why?
  • 18:13    |    
    Final words
  • 18:18    |    
    Final credits

Testimonials by Students Who Read «The Fountainhead»

New Media  | 20 de abril de 2010  | Vistas: 30

In this interview at Universidad Francisco Marrroquín's School of Business, students from different schools share their opinions and impressions regarding Ayn Rand's bestseller The Fountainhead.  They discuss how this experience has changed their perception of life in many ways, especially towards a much more individual approach.  They describe Rand's book as entirely different from others and comment that it gives the reader a life-long lesson useful in the pursuit of happiness.  These students share important ideas regarding the book and recommend it to others who want to learn new ideas and broaden their horizons.