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The Art of Political Communication

07 de marzo de 2012   | Vistas: 10 |  

Sam Potolicchio, in his effort to prepare global leaders by changing concepts and paradigms, discusses the significance of communication and tells about the three key elements he wishes to accomplish in his endeavor, as he would like for students to speak with rhetorical humility, rhetorical reference of ideas and with rhetorical imagination. Potolicchio continues elaborating on the role of communication in leadership and provides a set of video examples and techniques for an improvement in the quality of speech, referencing the political context. He concludes by urging soon-to-be leaders to put into practice speaking with reason, having intellectual curiosity, knowledge, and understanding for their audience, in order to positively and efficiently master the art of political communication.

Sam Potolicchio is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University where he teaches American Politics and Public Affairs and Research…


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