Foro Emprendedores 2016: The Pioneers of e-commerce in Guatemala

  | 17 de agosto de 2016  | Vistas: 487

Bien Chilero Chilero Group Entrepreneurship

Simon Junker, an entrepreneur for many years now, shares his story creating Chilero Group, a digital platform for merchants to sell their products online. He gives a complete overview on the main focus and mission of the company and then he explains the way their platform works. Later he gives some important data about Chilero Group, such as the fact that their accumulated sales exceed USD3 Million, they have 40,000 unique clients and 175,000 newsletter subscribers.

The idea is that when you buy at, that it works, that your product is on time and that you’re happy with it. If you’re not, that we pick up the phone when you call to complain.”

Later he talks about how he decided e-commerce was a good industry to try to undertake in, since in Guatemala there were not companies doing the same or that had anything to do with this business.

We decided to be the first ones and start in e-commerce, knowing that it would be difficult because when you create a company is difficult, when you create a market is even more difficult.”

He comments on some of the biggest challenges he encountered as an entrepreneur, among which he mentions having to learn to run a business (for real), managing people in a new country, controlling fear and learning accounting. Finally he addresses Chilero Group’s new project “Chilero Mall” an online market place for companies to sell their products, trying to emulate the experience.

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