Foro de Emprendedores 2019: Roy Ramon, Key Factors for Entrepreneurs Success

Estefanía Campos  | 13 de septiembre de 2019  | Vistas: 52

Administración Emprendimiento Empresarialidad Facultad de Ciencias Económicas UFM

Roy Ramon, startup investor, consultant, and partner director of 2P9 (To the power of nine) shares his experiences as an entrepreneur in Israel, how to cope with a changing environment and gives insights on what makes a good entrepreneur and a good enterprise.

He started introducing himself and his background and reflects on the importance of trying to do the things that are difficult for you, even if you fail because those experiences become valuable lessons.

There is no age for innovation, there is no age for entrepreneurship and one of the most important things is to believe”.

As someone who has seen many entrepreneurs and investors, Roy explains in his opinion the key characteristics you should have:

  • Tenacity: the ability to push through and learn to fail.
  • Elasticity: change with external inputs
  • Action: Always taking actions, making decisions, always on the move
  • Market: Understand the product and the market

These characteristics’ first letter form the word team; Roy mentions it is crucial to have the ability of bringing a good team together because a dysfunctional team could make your company fail.

Normally entrepreneurs cannot do it by themselves, behind any entrepreneur that you see there is a team of people who are working together with him and they are aligned with him”.

Afterwards Ramon says, as entrepreneurs you should make time to look at the bigger picture of your project, be different in the way you do things and try new things by yourself even if you make mistakes. Finally, if you want to innovate, Roy shares a list of industries that you should focus on, especially in countries like Guatemala that offer a lot of opportunities.

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Investor, consultant and partner director, 2P9