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    Initial credits
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    Eric Zarakov - Challenges to investment in emerging markets
  • 09:38    |    
    Daniel Buchbinder - From multinational to social ventures
  • 16:18    |    
    Bill Morrow - Mentors over money
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    Discussion questions
    • What is necessary to promote entrepreneurship locally and prevent entrepreneurs from migrating?
    • How important are patents for a tech startup at the prototype stage?
    • When do you know that you need a mentor? How do you know it's the right person for you?
    • Have you seen a country similar to Guatemala where entrepreneurship thrived?
    • How do you do you see the smart money investments panorama in Guatemala?
    • Are patents beneficial or detrimental to entrepreneurship?
    • Is it better to get money from the wrong investor, than no money at all?
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    Final credits

MIT GSW 2015: Investment in Emerging Markets

  | 26 de marzo de 2015  | Vistas: 98

Comercio Emprendimiento Finanzas Startups

What are the basic rules for investing in an emerging market? According to Eric Zarakov, startups in emerging markets require essential components to achieve “scalable and repeatable business models¨. The ability to act quickly, presence of talent, cultural knowledge of the working ground, among others, are essential. Overcoming these challenges requires prioritizing value creation and rallying passion for the creation of solutions. For Daniel Buchbinder, experience gained in multinational companies strongly influence future investment in rural or social ventures. All of a sudden, “charity cases” become business opportunities involved in a deeper process leading to success. Bill Morrow believes market ecosystems depend on a variety of external factors, from legal systems to support infrastructure. It´s not just about the money; what you need is personal backup and the right people behind you.

Mohammad Asfour leads these panelists in discussing possibilities and challenges behind emerging market investment, especially in growing markets like Guatemala.

Daniel Buchbinder es cofundador de Alterna, el primer centro de innovación…


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