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    MIT GSW 2015: Hacking Politics
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MIT GSW 2015: Hacking Politics

25 de marzo de 2015   | Vistas: 2 |   Comercio Emprendimiento Finanzas Startups

What is the relationship between politics and entrepreneurship? Panelists Zachary Cáceres, Fritz Thomas, and Ramphis Castro discuss the existence of a convergence between political ecosystem and entrepreneurial solutions. When politics are treated as technology, infinite possibilities are unlocked. Just as in any other tech endeavor, government becomes ground for innovation, competition, and even the passion that accompanies all great entrepreneurial feats. This change can potentially extend to institutional aspects of governance and the way politicians work and solve problems. Such a massive shift in mindset, however, is not easy to accomplish. Change must involve different approaches on the creation of rules, and a whole new kind of transparency and disdain for perverse incentives. In this panel, experts explore this fascinating topic as a very likely part of the future to come.

Zachary Caceres is Chief Information Officer of Startup Cities Institute at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He is also editor of "Radical…

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