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    Initial credits
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    Workshop testimonials
  • 00:09    |    
    Oscar Zapata, University of Calgary
  • 32.3    |    
    Sebastián Cortés, CEIS de la Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá
  • 44.3    |    
    Hernán Bejarano, Economic Science Institute, Chapman University
  • 01:15.5    |    
    Pablo Brañas-Garza, Middlesex University London
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    Final credits

2nd Antigua Experimental Economics Workshop Testimonials

New Media  | 22 de febrero de 2014  | Vistas: 100

Participants in the 2nd Antigua Experimental Economics Workshop and Conference share their experiences during the workshop. Oscar Zapata, Sebastián Cortés, Hernán Bejarano and Pablo Brañas-Garza comment on how the activities helped them to build academic and professional networks, generate new questions and take a look to the future of research.

The Workshop is part of the Antigua Experimental Economics Conference and Workshop held by the Centro Vernon Smith of Economía Experimental at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. The event features a broad cross section of experimental research and world-class plenary speakers.