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Initial credits
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Introduction by Fritz Thomas
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Can you talk about your new book called  The Clash of Economic Ideas?
Quotes  Keynes Hayek: The Clash that Defined Modern Economics, Nicholas Wapshott
Quotes  Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genious, Sylvia Nasar
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What can we learn from the debate between John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich A. Hayek regarding the events of the past two years?
Lessons from Friedrich A. Hayek
The pretense of knowledge
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How do you think this economic crisis fits into the business cycle theory?
Erroneous housing policies
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What do you think the consequences of the sovereign debt crisis in the European Union will be? Do you see a positive outcome?
Moral hazard
Unpleasant monetarist arithmetic
Hopeful signs of recovery
European bank debt
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Do you think that banks, governments and the financial community could learn something from the Japanese economic experience?
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Do you think that the idea of "the bigger the better" could have had an impact on the current financial debacle?
Investment banks
Too big to fail
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Why is banking not free? What is your vision of free banking?
Scottish free banking system
Monopoly privileges in the United States
Canadian banking system
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What would be a free market monetary arrangement?
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Do you think that going back to the gold standard would be useful for current markets?
Currency ratio to gold
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Classic gold standard period
Quotes The True Gold Standard, Lewis E. Lerhman
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Do you think it's feasible to go back to the gold standard?
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Do you think we will ever get the government out of the currency business?
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Final credits




Thoughts on Monetary Policy, Free Banking and Financial Crisis

12 de noviembre de 2011   | Vistas: 96 |   Business Cycle Capitalism Economic Crisis Freedom

Lawrence White and Fritz Thomas have a conversation about the most relevant economic and financial topics that are currently impacting the world. They discuss the effects that Keynesian ideas have had over governments concerning the development of public and economic policies. White makes an analysis of the present economic crisis in the United States and the sovereign debt in the European Union. He points out the origins of these financial debacles and proposes several solutions. Finally, they comment on the idea of free banking, focusing on how this alternative could help solve and prevent future government crises. 

Lawrence H. White is an expert in banking and monetary policy. He is professor of economics at George Mason University…


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