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    Initial credits
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  • 35.5    |    
    How do you describe Peter Thiel?
  • 01:06    |    
    What is an entrepreneur?
  • 01:47    |    
    Was PayPal your first venture as an entrepreneur?
  • 02:37    |    
    What did you have in mind when you started PayPal?
  • 03:49    |    
    What were the main challenges you encountered?
  • 05:37    |    
    What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • 06:20.30000000000001    |    
    Should people do what they like to do?
  • 07:00    |    
    Were you passionate about Facebook?
  • 07:50    |    
    What do you take into consideration when you invest in a new company?
  • 09:09    |    
    Have any of your investments failed?
  • 10:18    |    
    Do you have a radical approach to management?
  • 11:49    |    
    Has your approach to management changed since PayPal?
  • 12:39    |    
    Have you applied libertarian ideas to your investments?
  • 14:13    |    
    Are you a contrarian investor?
  • 15:21.5    |    
    What kinds of new technologies do you think have a future in modern capitalism?
  • 17:31    |    
    What is your view of the future?
  • 18:54    |    
    Why are you a libertarian?
  • 19:47    |    
    Are democracy and libertarianism incompatible?
  • 21:07    |    
    Why are you so interested in the future?
  • 22:3.5    |    
    Final words
  • 22:17.5    |    
    Final credits

Interview with Peter Thiel by Jorge Jacobs and María Dolores Arias

New Media  | 06 de noviembre de 2009  | Vistas: 62

About this video

The spirit of entrepreneurship is one of the most important qualities a person can have in a globalized world. In this interview Peter Thiel describes how entrepreneurship helped him to become a successful investor. He describes the challenges he faced when he started his company and how he managed to overcome them. Finally, he explains how libertarian philosophy has influenced his businesses. Thiel says that his interest in the future stems from the fact that someday the future will be our present.


Interview with Peter Thiel by Jorge Jacobs and Maria Dolores Arias
Peter Thiel

Special Collections Room
Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Guatemala, November 6, 2009

New Media - UFM production.  Guatemala, November 2009
Camera: Rodrigo Escalante, Joni Vasquez; digital editing: Claudia de Obregón, Mynor de Leon; index and synopsis: Sergio Bustamante; content reviser: Jennifer Keller; publication: Mario Pivaral/Carlos Petz


American entrepreneur Peter Thiel is the cofounder and former CEO of…


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