• 00:00    |    
    Initial credits
  • 20.2    |    
    Chronological versus thematic teaching of architecture and design history
    • Chronological approach
    • Izmir University of Economics
  • 03:33.30000000000001    |    
    Introduction to art and design
    • Studio-oriented teaching
    • Composition
    • Color
    • Light and texture
    • Representation
    • Abstraction
    • Represented space
    • Actual space
    • Time
    • Image and text
  • 25:02    |    
    Five contexts of art and design
    • Making
      • Process and workshop
      • Materials and technology
    • Style
      • Period and change
      • Individuality and geography
    • Ideology
      • Classical and non-Western
      • Modernist and contemporary
    • Meaning
      • Layers and reception
      • Nature and the body
    • Use
      • Patron and user
      • Function and location
  • 46:31    |    
    Aspects of student evaluation
    • Readings
    • Compare and contrast
    • Terminology
    • Drawing
    • Term paper
  • 54:7.5    |    
    Question and answer period
    • What are the possible problems with the thematic teaching method? Can it influence student taste and style?
    • How does the thematic approach influence the student work in the design studio?
    • What is today's definition of art?
  • 01:00:30    |    
    Final credits

Chronological vs. Thematic Methods of Teaching History and Theory

New Media  | 21 de abril de 2008  | Vistas: 2284

Chronologically oriented lectures have been, for many years, the traditional method used to teach architecture and design history. However, this method has certain limitations for students who need to learn about specific themes in architecture. Christopher S. Wilson, professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Izmir University of Economics in Turkey, proposes a thematic approach that enables students to compare and understand artistic perspectives and movements throughout different historical periods. In this presentation, Wilson describes the lecture-based art history and design course he teaches.


Christopher S. Wilson is a professor at the Faculty of Fine…