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Initial credits
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Efficient precaution
Economic analysis of Law
Quote, The Cost of Accidents: A Legal and Economic Analysis, Guido Calabresi (1970) 
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Measures of Liability
Representation of compensation and disgorgement
Injurer's utility level and engorgement 
Importance of precautions
09:33    |    
Implementations of efficient compensations
Exposure to risk
Realization of accident
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Disgorgement's efficient implementations
Exposure to risk and compensation
Liability for exposure and its implementation  
Realization of accident 
15:44    |    
Concepts of disgorgement
Numerical example of the probability of harm
Comparing liabilities in different countries
19:30    |    
Advantages of disgorgement damages for accidents
Observation and measurement 
Example of the advantage 
Victim's incentives
Example of the advantage
Over or under deterrence
Positive externalities
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Final credits




Disgorgement Damages for Accidents

26 de mayo de 2014   | Vistas: 3 |  

Robert Cooter talks about the liability for accidents in torts and contracts and shares the work of his recent book Getting Incentives Right as well as new material to extend the content of the book. Cooter addresses the topic of efficient precaution for accidents and the measurements of liability, which are compensation and disgorgement. He speaks about compensation and disgorgement's efficient implementations along with various numerical examples. He finishes by describing the advantages of disgorgement damages for accidents with several examples about the victim's incentives, over or under deterrance and positive externalities.

Robert Cooter is the Herman F. Selvin Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He teaches the economic analysis…


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