Emprendedor del mes: 3 Key Elements to Be Successful

Estefanía Campos  | 21 de febrero de 2017  | Vistas: 563

Entrepreneur Ketan Makwana shares the 3 key elements about his journey, that had led him to accomplish his goals, such as the foundation of Enterprise Lab and being an advisor to the UK Government on youth and enterprise policies.

Be different:

When you are being different, you actually take that on as a challenge for yourself as opposed to waiting for somebody else to come up with an idea.”

Be scalable:

You want to be scalable? Do something that speaks volumes, but leave your ego at the door, follow this through.”

Be great:

Don’t believe that your opportunities and your abilities have any boundaries, push them up, and do it with your heart, do it with pride, do it with passion.”

Learn more about Makwana’s vast experience in entrepreneurship and his inspiring ideas to be successful.

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Ketan Makwana, entrepreneur, investor and mentor. He launched Enterprise Lab and…


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