Entrepreneurship Experiences

03 de febrero de 2012   | Vistas: 14 |  

Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade talks about her skills on creating new ideas and developing new products. She begins by sharing the story of her childhood and elaborates on how life, at early stages, allowed her to experience freedom, which eventually led her to become an independent thinker; and how such principle was the key to her successful business, aiding in overcoming all sorts of barriers, and accomplishing the change of perception other people have about her country.

Because of her entrepreneurial expertise, she stresses the effects that branding has over the selection of products and comments on not taking things for granted. She considers that having the ability to tell a story through a product is what will make it succeed. Finally, she encourages students to be brave, develop the capability to learn, question everything and be curious about other people’s needs, with the purpose of empathizing so that they can become aware and explore new opportunities.





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