00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
00:18    |    
Life experiences
Learning life skills at an early age
Moving to Europe
Embracing changes
Success through hard work
Life after business school
Emphasis on teamwork and entrepreneurship
Life in the United States
Lessons on youth
New job
16:56    |    
Magic of entrepreneurship
17:16    |    
How her journey as an entrepreneur started
18:54    |    
The importance of not taking things for granted
20:10    |    
The importance of having a vision of what you want to do
21:59    |    
What are consumer brands
22:52    |    
Power of branding
Hollister example
Santa Claus example
Branding as a path to success
Telling a story through branding
28:30    |    
Source of America's power
30:10    |    
Creating opportunities
32:36    |    
Question and answer period
Do you consider that having so much freedom during the first years of your life promoted your entrepreneurial journey?
Importance of independent thinking
Developing courage
Skills of an entrepreneur
Teaching how to learn
Questioning knowledge
How did you handle people that were skeptical about your ideas or who discouraged you?
Damage done by NGOs
Courage to be a free person
Were you afraid of risking money?
What entrepreneurship requires
Have you ever doubt yourself?
Need of doubt
Do you think Guatemala has a chance to be successfully acknowledged through branding?
Starbucks Coffee example
Did you find what you wanted to create or are you still searching?
Where the idea was born
Criticize by creating
What do you like most about your business?
Hope as fuel
Where do you get the money to finance your first product?
It's not about money
Importance of passion
Selling yourself
01:02:24    |    
Final words
01:02:29    |    
Final credits




Entrepreneurship Experiences

03 de febrero de 2012   | Vistas: 11 |  

Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade talks about her skills on creating new ideas and developing new products. She begins by sharing the story of her childhood and elaborates on how life, at early stages, allowed her to experience freedom, which eventually led her to become an independent thinker; and how such principle was the key to her successful business, aiding in overcoming all sorts of barriers, and accomplishing the change of perception other people have about her country.

Because of her entrepreneurial expertise, she stresses the effects that branding has over the selection of products and comments on not taking things for granted. She considers that having the ability to tell a story through a product is what will make it succeed. Finally, she encourages students to be brave, develop the capability to learn, question everything and be curious about other people’s needs, with the purpose of empathizing so that they can become aware and explore new opportunities.




Magatte Wade is an entrepreneur, founder of Adina for Life, Inc. and Tiossano, Inc. She was born in Senegal and…


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