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Friedman Centennial Conference: A Conversation with Milton Friedman

31 de julio de 2012   | Vistas: 19 |  

During the 100th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s birth, local and visiting professors of UFM, and economists celebrate the lifelong work of this outstanding economist and thinker. Attendees recall Manuel Ayau’s friendship with Milton Friedman and point out the importance of their mission through both their lives.

In this occasion, several questions are answered and explained by Friedman himself, regarding some of the most important topics that policy makers and the civil society deal with, at all times.

As part of the celebration, Milton Friedman becomes the central topic of the anecdotes and stories. He is remembered not only by his wisdom and broad knowledge about economy, but also by the content of his character, his effort and willingness to spread the essence of liberal ideas to the world, such as freedom and market economies.

Finally, the panel conversation discusses the intellectual relationship he sustained with other economists, such as Ludwig von Mises, as well as his link with the Chicago School of Economics and his incursions as an advisor to the Chilean government.

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