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Initial credits
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Introduction by Fritz Thomas
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Video: Manuel F. Ayau on Milton Friedman
Friendship with Milton Friedman
Political anecdote with Rose and Milton Friedman
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Questions addressed to Milton Friedman
What is the free lunch myth?
Quotes Frédéric Bastiat
Business taxation at no cost
Money creation at no cost
Why should government spend money? Is it desirable for government to spend any of our money?
What are your thoughts on the appropriate size of government?
How free are the poor, the unemployed, and the disadvantaged? In that regard, what is the role of government?
How much government intervention do you think is necessary to prevent the rise of monopoly and oligopoly under the free enterprise system, or would it take care of itself?
Choosing one law to reduce the extent of monopoly
Do you think free trade works in theory but not in practice? Would you care to elaborate?
What are your thoughts on the issues of environmentalism and sustainable resources?
In regards to morality and economic policy, do you think it is unwise to be charitable?
Is inequality, within a society, a problem?
Wouldn't some people prefer to live in a more equal society?
Would you like to add something else?
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Happy Birthday song by Stephanie Zelaya
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Gift to Milton Friedman
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Jerry L. Jordan
Milton Friedman's contributions to the world of ideas
Rose Friedman
Newsweekmagazine: elaboration process of columns
Milton Friedman's collaboration with Anna J. Schwartz
Quotes  Monetary History of the United States, Milton Friedman and Anna J. Schwartz
Milton Friedman's influence on students
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William Ruger
Milton Friedman's biography and intellectual contributions
General appreciation of Milton Friedman's influence
Spokesman for freedom and free market
Radical ideas
Political theory
39:43    |    
George Selgin
Personal interest in economics
Milton Friedman's great rhetoric
Shanghai visit anecdote
Debating abilities
49:58    |    
Milton Friedman's monetary rule
50:59    |    
How do Milton Friedman's ideas stand up to what is currently taking place, particularly to the 2008-2009 financial crisis?
Milton Friedman's changing economic ideals
View of the financial crisis management
Heisenberg's principle applied to the economy
Neutrality as a monetary policy
Quotes Rx for Japan: Back to the Future, Milton Friedman
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How important was the Chicago School of Economics for Milton Friedman's ideas, and how important were his ideas for the Chicago School of Economics?
Defining the Chicago School of Economics
The Chicago Boys
Milton Friedman's economic education
01:07:36    |    
Do you have any thoughts regarding Ludwig von Mises' approach to economics in terms of deductive reasoning compared to Milton Friedman's approach in terms of prediction and theory?
Milton Friedman's winning methodology
Essay on positive economics
Quotes Theory and History, Ludwig von Mises
Anecdote about a meeting between Ludwig von Mises and Milton Friedman in the Mont Pelerin Society
Ludwig von Mises' capability of knowing his enemies
01:16:18    |    
Can you talk about the background of the association of Milton Friedman with Augusto Pinochet?
Issues on advising a dictator or a communist regime
Incompatibility of market economies and totalitarian regimes
Milton Friedman's recommendations to Chile
01:22:42    |    
Was Milton Friedman the most influential economist of the 20th century?
Milton Friedman's actual influence
Milton Friedman's importance to 20th century economic thought
Dislike of policy makers for Milton Friedman's ideas
Most important free market economist of the 20th century
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Final words
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Final credits




Friedman Centennial Conference: A Conversation with Milton Friedman

31 de julio de 2012   | Vistas: 16 |  

During the 100th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s birth, local and visiting professors of UFM, and economists celebrate the lifelong work of this outstanding economist and thinker. Attendees recall Manuel Ayau’s friendship with Milton Friedman and point out the importance of their mission through both their lives.

In this occasion, several questions are answered and explained by Friedman himself, regarding some of the most important topics that policy makers and the civil society deal with, at all times.

As part of the celebration, Milton Friedman becomes the central topic of the anecdotes and stories. He is remembered not only by his wisdom and broad knowledge about economy, but also by the content of his character, his effort and willingness to spread the essence of liberal ideas to the world, such as freedom and market economies.

Finally, the panel conversation discusses the intellectual relationship he sustained with other economists, such as Ludwig von Mises, as well as his link with the Chicago School of Economics and his incursions as an advisor to the Chilean government.

Doctor en Economía y profesor universitario

Economista, editor de la revista Laissez Faire

Jerry L. Jordan is an economist, president of the Pacific Academy for Advanced Studies and member of the board of…

William Ruger is research fellow in foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute; he is an assistant professor in the…

George Selgin is professor of economics at the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia;a senior fellow at the Cato…


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