Fusing entrepreneurial action and innovation

Sophy Ramírez  | 21 de noviembre de 2019  | Vistas: 87

In this conference, Ted Zoller expresses the importance of being an entrepreneur, its singularity for every generation and the difficult but joyful journey to become one.

To start, Zoller gives the etymology of entrepreneurship with some different definitions, according to Harvard Univesity and other experts. Then introduces the term creative destruction and explains its relations with change, time and innovation.  

Entrepreneurs are in between, they connect the dots, they generally don’t invent they integrate they use other people’s resources,  they generally update and work with uncertainty.”

He describes entrepreneurship as the understanding of the set of values you want to bring, the definition of your mission and vision in life. Then presents some entrepreneur men and women that had made some amazing things such as Steve Jobs and Sally Krawcheck but also shares some of his students and proves that you don’t need money to be successful. 

Then Zoller shows the project he has been working, about the differentiation of entrepreneurial leaders, with its themes and processes, like:

  • Thought leadership (critical thinking)
  • Grand challenges (applications for big problems)
  • Entrepreneurs genome (self-evaluation)

The investor presents the characteristics, experiences, skills, and preparation of entrepreneurs, listing the key ones such as failure, creativity, sales ability, leadership, among others. 

Great leaders that I’ve observed are people that can get others to follow them with a goal or a mission that everyone shares, what does that take it’s not just being the most charismatic person, it’s about aligning people’s values in such way that everyone is working together.”

After this, Zoller shows a study that he made about the entrepreneurs he has worked with, which demonstrates the time that they usually have an entrepreneurial breakout depending on the generation they are from. 

Zoller concludes by advising the public to take a little risk, get experiences, attain some skills, learn the industry and be prepared. 

Join us and inspire yourself to become a successful entrepreneur.


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