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Lindiwe Mazibuko 18 de enero de 2015  | Antigua Forum

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    Initial credits
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    Challenges as a young reformer
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    Achieving success
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    Climbing the political ladder
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    When to step down
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    A return to politics
  • 11:05    |    
    The future of South Africa
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    Final credits

Political Leadership in South Africa

Lindiwe Mazibuko describes the experience of being one of the youngest members of the Parliamentary Leaders of the Democratic Alliance in South Africa. She explains how she decided to run for parliament at the age of 28 so she could represent a different face and voice that would bring new perspectives to her country. Mazibuko also comments about her vision and feelings about the status quo and the reform of the parliament that South Africa is facing. Finally, Mazibuko explains the reason she left politics and started studying at Harvard University and her plans for the future when she comes back to South Africa.

This video has been made possible thanks to support from the John Templeton Foundation, Global Philanthropic Trust, and the Earhart Foundation.

This interview was recorded as part of The Antigua Forum 2015 gathering.

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