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    Initial credits
  • 00:18    |    
    In your book n Architectural Composition, what do you mean when you speak about theory?
  • 02:12    |    
    Understanding typology of spaces
  • 04:19    |    
    Collapse of modern currents
  • 07:50    |    
    Importance of proportions
  • 09:47    |    
    Unusual setting of UFM's campus (Léon Krier)
  • 10:39    |    
    Final words by Warren Orbaugh
  • 10:52    |    
    Final credits

Importance of the Basic Elements in Architecture

New Media  | 19 de octubre de 2010  | Vistas: 227

Warren Orbaugh interviews Rob Krier on the importance of basic elements in architecture. Orbaugh begins by quoting Krier's book on what he believed to be the concept of theory put to practice. Krier states the relevance of different elements and details in architecture. He explains the idea of typology of spaces and the importance of proportions, based on past teachings to his students. He describes how modern currents are bound to fail in the future due to the lack of consistency they present. Finally his brother, Léon Krier, comments on the UFM's campus setting.


Rob Krier is architect and urban designer with emphasis on traditional…


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