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Initial credits
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Introduction by Luis Figueroa
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What is the relationship between individualism, independence and individual rights?
Individual rights
Independent thinking 
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The Trinity of Liberty
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Does individualism, in this context, have a direct relation with isolation?
True meaning of individualism
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How can we explain individual rights, not based on faith or authority?
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Sources of the individual's moral prerogative
Natural rights
13:23    |    
Moral principles and values according to Ayn Rand
Quotes, Ayn Rand's Theory of Rights, Craig Biddle
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What do these three concepts have in common?
Importance of evidence for the ideology
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Final words
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Final credits




Individualism, Independence and Individual Rights

06 de septiembre de 2012   | Vistas: 32 |   Ayn Rand Capitalism Independence Individualism

Craig Biddle talks about the concepts contained in what he calls the Trinity of Liberty: individualism, individual rights and independent thinking. Individualism is the fundamental unit of moral and political concern; independent thinking is the virtue of demanding evidence for the ideas accepted; and individual rights are the prerogative to act free on one’s judgment in order to execute ideas within society. Each concept is taken into account, hierarchically, considering independent thinking to be the more fundamental. Biddle explains in detail the true meaning of these ideas and describes how they interact with one another. Finally, he concludes by illustrating the main goal of rational egoism and portrays the moral foundations and values it pursues.

Craig Biddle writes and lectures on philosophical and political issues from an objectivist perspective, Objectivism, which is the philosophy created…


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