Information Technology Threats to Life

Estefanía Campos  | 22 de junio de 2017  | Vistas: 96

Where have we come as a society in our use and addiction to information technology? How have our manners changed and the way we think and behave? and how can they represent a threat to our lives?

Theodore Wold, lawyer interested in the notion of human flourishing describes how even though people have so much access to first hand information, most people rely more on aggregators and commentators (secondary sources), where they only get the gist of what they are saying, but not the actual information. He says this quilt of information has negative effects:

Everyone is excited about this far of prosperity that information technology promises, but no one has really stopped to consider what effect it is having on the human person, or whether or not our multi tasking, our interaction with information technology is actually a good thing.“

Wold describes how our reading habits have changed and shares the results of recent studies that show interesting facts on the new way people reads nowadays. Later talks about how companies like Google are hard working in the creation of artificial technology and explains the threats this could mean to humankind.

We are becoming ‘pancake’ people; wide, but very shallow”

The advances humanity has had due to technology are undeniable in terms of efficiency, innovation and collaboration; but Wolf says, it has also led people to concentrate, learn and remember less. Find out how this can affect our merc ability and the solution he proposes, to be “deep thinking” people and not shallow minds.


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