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    Initial credits
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    Introduction by Luis Figueroa
  • 00:18    |    
    Can you tell us more about your book,
  • 00:50    |    
    Which five new ladies will be included in this version?
  • 01:38    |    
    What do these five ladies have in common?
  • 01:54    |    
    What does the word "brave" mean in this context?
  • 03:00    |    
    Do you have a favorite amongst these five ladies?
  • 03:24    |    
    Story of Mildred Loving
  • During that time, were interracial marriages forced to divorce?
  • 05:38    |    
    Regarding your book, n is there a relationship between the experience you had during her government and your interest in other historical and brave women?
  • Genesis of n , John Blundell
  • 08:39    |    
    In your article in n , "El Camino a Villa Nueva," when you speak about Mother Inés, did you find any resemblance between her and other great women around the world?
  • 10:09    |    
    Humanitarian labor of Mother Inés Ayau in Guatemala
  • 13:04    |    
    Final words
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    Final credits

Ladies for Liberty: Women Who Made a Difference in American History (Second Expanded Edition)

New Media  | 07 de noviembre de 2012  | Vistas: 36

John Blundell talks about his recent book, Ladies for Liberty: Women Who Made a Difference in American History (Second Expanded Edition). He speaks about the experiences that encouraged him to continue writing about the great, yet mostly unacknowledged contributions, that exceptional women have done through history.

He also comments on his experience with Margaret Thatcher and how it has influenced his literary work. Blundell not only shares his thoughts on brave American women, but he also does so about Guatemalan Mother Inés Ayau and her commitment, elaborating on the humanitarian labor she carries out in this country, along with her struggles with local government, which have not stopped her from continuing helping others.


John Blundell (1952-2014) was Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Institute of…


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