• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:25    |    
    Richard Ebeling: presentation and introduction
  • 01:45    |    
    The importance of Mises as an economist in the 21st century
    • His career
    • His contributions
  • 10:06    |    
    How the Mises lost papers were found
    • Mises' Vienna apartment
    • The Moscow archives
  • 17:46    |    
    Anna Ebeling: arriving to Moscow and looking for the Mises files
    • How they got lost
    • Getting access to the papers
    • Getting the photocopied papers out
  • 35:41    |    
    The publication of the papers
    • 1st volume (not from the Moscow archive): The Political Economy of International Reform and Reconstruction (early 1940s)
    • 2nd volume (from the Moscow archive): Between the Two World Wars: Monetary Disorder, Interventionism, Socialism, and the Greatn Depression (1918-1938)
      • A passage from his Notes and Recollections (1940)
      • What the second volume is about
      • Mises, the chronicler of policies that failed; and Mises, the maker of proposals
    • 3rd volume (coming on 2004): papers written before and during WWI
  • 49:34    |    
    Mises, the system builder vs. Mises, the practical economist and man of his times
  • 50:26    |    
    Anna Ebeling: comments on Mises
  • 52:14    |    
    Final credits

Mission to Moscow: Discovering the «Lost Papers» of Ludwig von Mises, and their significance

New Media  | 03 de marzo de 2003  | Vistas: 5037

Richard Ebeling and his wife Anna Ebeling share their experience finding the lost papers of Ludwig von Mises located in a formerly secret Soviet archive in Moscow. Richard Ebeling narrates how they learned of the existence of these papers and traveled to Moscow to obtain them. He describes how Mises personal things, family correspondence, important documents, books of his personal library and papers were found, and reads to the audience a document where Ludwig von Mises details all the things he left in his room and what happened to them later on. Richard and Anna Ebeling describe their contents, which were written in various languages, and they talk about their work translating and preparing the books for editing and future reference. This discovering means a lot to the academic community because now they will have access to more information about von Mises’ way of thinking and his work about different topics.


Researcher, lecturer and professor

Author, economist, professor and honorary doctor of UFM


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