Philosophical Hermeneutics,
a Reaction Against Positivism

Estefanía Campos  | 31 de mayo de 2018  | Vistas: 139

Professor Salazar talks about how philosophical hermeneutics are a reaction against positivism.

He begins by describing what is positivism, which he says is linked to ideology, sociology, the science of nature, empiricism and logistics. Later he talks about the history of positivism and the stages of its development: empiriocriticism, logical positivism, logical empiricism and analytic philosophy. He says the threat to these philosophical movements

All knowledge, regarding matters of fact is based on data of sensible experience. The underrail of fact is that of pure logic an pure mathematical reasoning.”

Salazar later talks about Husserl’s contributions to the concept of intentionality which is essentially philosophical. After describing a psychological theory from an empirical perspective it is possible to develop a theory of truth; he explains what this consists in.

Understand with Oswaldo why philosophical hermeneutics are a reaction against positivism. 

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