00:01    |    
Initial credits 
00:06    |    
Introduction to Project-Based Learning and Intrinsic Motivation 
The history of technology 
Paul Revere, his life and work
The laboratory as a flexible working and learnig space
The process of learning 
The mission of Franklin Olin College of Engineering 
The goal of the session 
07:54    |    
Why do students go to Olin College? 
The culture
The projects 
What is a project based experience? 
Hands on skills practiced in projects 
Design and creativity
Content learning
Critical thinking: analysis, synthesis and evaluation  
Bloom's taxonomy of learning objectives
Real world context 
Disciplinary Integration 
Communication Skills 
Teaming and collaboration 
Self-directed learning
Intrinsic Motivation 
Project-based goals and how to achieve them 
The different goals of a teacher regarding the learning course 
Design Nature 
24:22    |    
The theory of motivation 
Is there such a thing as motivated and unmotivated eople? 
The situational view of motivation 
Motivational Framework and the self-determination continuum 
External Regulation 
Identify Regulation 
Intrinsic Motivation 
The different behaviors and the tool for measuring them
35:13    |    
Situational Motivational Scale (SIMS) 
The present state in the different types of motivation 
Is the second one an elective test and the first one was mandatory? 
Does it matter to be intrinsically motivated? 
The causal relationship of the types of motivation with different outcomes 
Positive outcomes 
Negative outcomes 
The conexion of motivation with other areas of learning 
44:19    |    
Generation of the positive shift for intrinsic motivation 
Control of the learning conditions 
Sum of the right learning conditions for internalization 
48:43    |    
Observation and practice regarding the internalization of motivation
Competence, Relatedness and Autonomy in the stuff of history course
Project Based Learning 
Difference of motivation between lectures and project based course 
Competency-based feedback 
What is the meaning of life long learning skills? 
Peer Learning 
Faculty as Coaches 
Societal Conections
The self direction of learning and autonomy 
Use of strategy in goals 
The deliverable 
Student team formation 
Student production in class hours 
Peer to peer assesment 
How well does project based learning work? 
Motivation as a dynamic and fluctuating state of mind 
Design of learning experiences and enviroments 
The build up of selof-esteem 
Survey and interviewing of students 
Recapitulation of Project Based Learning 
01:09:39    |    
Segment of questions, answers and comments 
Are the students prepared for real life assignments? 
What kind of projects do you asign in history classes? 
Have you applied this system for your children? 
01:21:20    |    
Final credits




Project-Based Learning to Support Intrinsic Motivation

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