• 00:01    |    
    Initial credits
  • 00:06    |    
    Introduction to Project-Based Learning and Intrinsic Motivation
    • The history of technology
    • Paul Revere, his life and work
    • The laboratory as a flexible working and learnig space
    • The process of learning
    • The mission of Franklin Olin College of Engineering
    • The goal of the session
  • 07:54    |    
    Why do students go to Olin College?
    • The culture
    • The projects
    • What is a project based experience?
    • Hands on skills practiced in projects
    • Design and creativity
    • Content learning
    • Critical thinking: analysis, synthesis and evaluation
    • Bloom's taxonomy of learning objectives
    • Real world context
    • Disciplinary Integration
    • Communication Skills
    • Teaming and collaboration
    • Self-directed learning
    • Intrinsic Motivation
    • Project-based goals and how to achieve them
    • The different goals of a teacher regarding the learning course
    • Design Nature
  • 24:22    |    
    The theory of motivation
    • Is there such a thing as motivated and unmotivated eople?
    • The situational view of motivation
    • Motivational Framework and the self-determination continuum
    • Amotivation
    • External Regulation
    • Identify Regulation
    • Intrinsic Motivation
    • The different behaviors and the tool for measuring them
  • 35:13    |    
    Situational Motivational Scale (SIMS)
    • The present state in the different types of motivation
    • Is the second one an elective test and the first one was mandatory?
    • Does it matter to be intrinsically motivated?
    • The causal relationship of the types of motivation with different outcomes
    • Positive outcomes
    • Negative outcomes
    • The conexion of motivation with other areas of learning
  • 44:19    |    
    Generation of the positive shift for intrinsic motivation
    • Control of the learning conditions
    • Competence
    • Relatedness
    • Autonomy
    • Sum of the right learning conditions for internalization
  • 48:43    |    
    Observation and practice regarding the internalization of motivation
    • Competence, Relatedness and Autonomy in the stuff of history course
    • Project Based Learning
    • Difference of motivation between lectures and project based course
    • Competency-based feedback
    • What is the meaning of life long learning skills?
    • Collaboration
    • Peer Learning
    • Faculty as Coaches
    • Societal Conections
    • The self direction of learning and autonomy
    • Use of strategy in goals
    • The deliverable
    • Student team formation
    • Student production in class hours
    • Peer to peer assesment
    • How well does project based learning work?
    • Motivation as a dynamic and fluctuating state of mind
    • Design of learning experiences and enviroments
    • The build up of selof-esteem
    • Survey and interviewing of students
    • Recapitulation of Project Based Learning
  • 01:09:39    |    
    Segment of questions, answers and comments
    • Are the students prepared for real life assignments?
    • What kind of projects do you asign in history classes?
    • Have you applied this system for your children?
  • 01:21:20    |    
    Final credits

Project-Based Learning to Support Intrinsic Motivation

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