00:00    |    
Initial credits
00:06    |    
00:59    |    
Nature of China's modern economy 
New cities 
Coal consumption
Economic growth 
05:23    |    
China's cheerleaders
06:54    |    
Capital value
09:21    |    
Export-led development (ELD) approach 
Under-valued exchange rate
Obsession with foreign exchange reserves 
Gold fetish 
Capital directed to export-oriented producer's policy
Is this Neo-mercantilism?
China's behavior
China's claim
Diplomatic niceties 
21:36    |    
China and Japan in the nineties
22:42    |    
Japan's export-led development
Export boom and high savings rate 
Countries that followed Japan's lead 
China: latest imitator 
25:38    |    
Rise and decline of Japan's export-led development
Under-valued yen effects 
Yen increase 
Difficulty earning profit 
Export-oriented industries 
Government deficit spending
Loose monetary policy 
Deflationary contraction in Japan 
Reasons for Japan's success 
42:49    |    
China's economic rise and export-led development 
Deregulated and opened economy since 1978
Export dependency 
Lending based on state priorities 
Annual income per capita
Foreign exchange reserves 
Under-valued yen and neglected consumers 
50:40    |    
China's export-led development as a model 
China's success 
Massive amount of liquidity
55:49    |    
Countries following Japan's export-led development 
Japan's failure 
57:52    |    
Limits to export-led development 
Net exporters 
Few competitors needed 
Manipulating exchange rates 
Foreign exchange reserves 
Economic activity 
Trading surpluses and under-valued currency 
ELD not necessary nor sufficient for economic success 
01:06:14    |    
What are China's next economic moves?
01:07:20    |    
China's dilemma: "riding a tiger"
01:08:37    |    
Mother of all bubbles
01:11:27    |    
Final words
01:11:40    |    
Final credits 




Rise and Decline of China’s Miracle Economy

06 de septiembre de 2011   | Vistas: 9 |   China Economic Growth Economy Exports

Christopher Lingle discusses China's modern economy and tries to determine whether it is a reality or just an illusion. He explains how this country reached an increase in economic growth by using the principles of export-led development (ELD). Lingle also compares the rise of its economy with the economic approach of other nations, and emphasizes that even though ELD might guarantee success, it depends on many factors and implies certain limits to consider. Along with this explanation, he provides examples that prove the veracity of his judgments. Christopher Lingle concludes by talking about China's next economic moves and pointing out its dilemma, as a consequence of all these economic activities.

Christopher Lingle is visiting professor of economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He was a research fellow at the Centre for…


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